Manila Fixer


Videolab Manila managed docus, culinary and reality show formats aired on international networks such as Channel News Asia, Discovery, TLC, History Channel, and provided production support to independent documentary filmmakers.


Prior to shooting in the Philippines, your professional Manila Fixer will manage location scouting or recce in advance, capture site photos and reference videos, and liaise with property owners and government authorities.


Your professional Manila Fixer ensures safety and comfort via Videolab Manila's production vans that can be configured for 10 passengers exclusively or be converted to carry 7 passengers with the entire back row for spacious equipment storage.


Videolab Manila can assemble the main crew or support crew depending on the project requirement. Your Manila Fixer works with top notch and experienced industry professionals with world-class expertise and work ethics. 


Videolab Manila provides basic filming gear such as DSLRs, lens, LED light panels, audio recorders, trolleys and apple boxes. For higher end cameras, grip and lighting, your professional Manila Fixer can source the best cost-effective option.


Safety, punctuality, comfort, food preference, and transport arrangement are just some of the intangible factors that Videolab Manila and your Manila Fixer looks into with utmost detail to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot in the Philippines.